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La Invitacion Shop

Wedding invitations

We welcome you to our special vision of working fine stationery.

We are a 100% personalized WEDDING INVITATIONS and stationery workshop. All our works are unique, like our clients.


Our customization and quotation processes are simple and agile, our materials the best, and the utmost care and care possible.
We offer you the complete illustration and printing service.
Our designs are made to measure, we use illustrations made in watercolors, or drawn and painted by hand.
We use very thin, heavyweight, non-laid, FSC-certified, chlorine-free and acid-free ecological papers for both cards and our envelopes, which we make by hand and do not buy.
We print following traditional techniques that unfortunately are being lost.


We are artisans of stationery.


We serve from Madrid and Paris for all of Europe. Visit our instagram page (here) to learn more about us. Write to us!

Invitaciones de boda_lainvitacionshop_ac
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